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Piazzetta Pellet Stoves: Where function and styling meet

Since 1960, Piazzetta has heated homes in Europe and North America using research, innovation, expertise, the best materials and cutting-edge technology, all combined with a craftsman’s skill. The Stove Shoppe is delighted to now bring Piazzetta pellet stoves to you.

So much for the saying “hot air rises.” The company’s patented Multifuoco System® distributes heat evenly throughout the room to maintain an ideal temperature from floor to ceiling, and you may also vent heat up to 50 feet from the stove.

Piazzetta stoves are practical, durable, attractive, and enjoy a long burn time. The steel stove body, plus the cast-iron baffle plate, grate and door ensure outstanding sturdiness and long life. These high-quality stoves operate at 92% efficiency. Stoves are fitted with control systems to ensure hassle-free operation.

Pellets used in Piazzetta stoves are made using the waste from other wood-cellulose processing so do not deplete natural resources. It is an extremely practical form of fuel since it is easy to handle and transport as well as easy to store. In addition, Piazzetta firebox products are technologically advanced, assuring optimal combustion and reducing emissions.

Functions include:

  • Energy saving start and stop
  • Timers: split daily, weekly and weekend
  • Adjustable parameters for optimizing yield and savings
  • LED scroll screen display for concise commands and alarms
  • Safety probes
  • Air wash
  • Remote control (optional)

Features include:

  • Cross-flow fan to induce convective airflows, thereby distributing heat accumulated in the internal exchanger more quickly and effectively throughout the entire room.
  • Heat exchange for warm air
  • Front warm air outlet
  • Majolica cladding, all handmade
  • High-gauge steel stove body
  • Cast-iron baffle plate
  • Cast-iron grille
  • Cast-iron door
  • Ash drawer
  • Self-cleaning ceramic glass resistant up to 1380F/750C
  • Primary combustion air
  • Secondary combustion air
  • Glass cleaning flow
  • Flue gas flow
  • Flue gas motor
  • Pellet feed motor

Piazzetta’s majolica claddings are handmade. These superb elements are the result of complex activities that require time and skill. Pieces made in such large dimensions not only enhance the stylishness of the product, but also ensure great heat storage followed by prolonged distribution of heat.

Use your stove’s eco function to vary the power level and intensity of the flame automatically when the set room temperature has been reached, thus avoiding unnecessary use of fuel. You achieve maximum comfort and savings in the Energy Saving mode. Once the set room temperature is reached, the stove lowers its heat output to a minimum and shuts down completely if the temperature continues to rise. It will automatically relight when the temperature drops.

With your stove’s stainless steel humidifier, you can obtain the ideal degree of humidity. You can add aromatic oil to the water to increase the feeling of wellbeing.

The Stove Shoppe carries two lines of pellet stoves, Piazzetta SC and SY.

Piazzetta SC pellet stoves feature high heat output to keep your home comfortably warm plus all the benefits of an ecological and cost-effective fuel. They are easy to use, programmable, clean, safe and offer a long burn time. SC models include Marcella, Monia, Sabrina and Sveva, each available in three colors.

Piazzetta SY pellet stoves ensure absolute comfort. Efficient and capable of creating a unique atmosphere around the fire, they require little maintenance. Easy to use and ecological, the styling of every Piazzetta SY stove is refined and original. SY stove models are available in up to five colors.

Whichever Piazzetta pellet stove you purchase, rest assured that each stove comes with a two-year warranty. In addition, Piazzetta guarantees that before- and after-sales service is provided by qualified persons who have received training directly at head office and work in close contact with the company.

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