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Town and Country

The Stove Shoppe can help everyone from private consumers to architects find the perfect Town and Country fireplace to compliment their home. Town and Country is a major leader in the fireplace industry for several reasons. The company proves its expertise in the industry by constantly creating up-to-the-minute fireplaces that have earned them as many as seven awards for innovative designs. Customers can expect access to an excellent support system and a lifetime-limited warranty on Town and Country fireplaces.

The fireplaces characteristically include only high-quality materials and full seam heavy-duty welding. The handcrafted quality and heavy-duty material promotes quiet operation with a beautiful flickering flame. The clear glass of ceramic used on the face assures additional safety because it will not break or crack from extreme internal temperatures. An original clear face design without obstructions allow people to enjoy the cozy atmosphere that only a fireplace can provide.

A variety of venting options gives customers the advantage of choosing a design that combines installation procedures and location placement together to deliver the best results and easiest installation process. The fireplaces feature an all season comfort level in order for consumers to enjoy them year round without overheating the room. A unique offering of Town and Country fireplaces is the Design-A-Fire option. Experts like the Stove Shoppe can help customers customize a design that takes into account personal style, location placement and additional features to fit their home.

The Design-A-Style option insures that people can get a Town and Country fireplace with the features most important to them. The interchangeable parts will make up to three hundred different types of configurations. Consumers can choose from ten different styles, nine assorted burners with different inserts, eight firebox panels plus a variety of andirons and fire screens. Design specialists can rely on a full list of services including architect handbooks, architect specifications, presentation pictures and CAD drawings.

The company is not satisfied to simply manufacturer fireplaces. The industry leader is dedicated to creating high quality, innovative designs to reflect people’s personal style. At the same time, they are not just for decoration but a practical way to heat a room. In addition, the fireplaces are a good investment that increases the value of any home. The Stove Shoppe is devoted to helping people find that one fireplace in the style they want that is ideal for their personal situation.

The Stove Shoppe takes great pride in their knowledge of the fireplace industry. They take the initiative by staying continually updated and stocking emerging new styles with innovative operating and installation techniques. Working together with experienced professionals makes selecting a fireplace a simple procedure. The Stove Shoppe not only offers advice to those searching for a fireplace, but sells, installs, delivers and services them as well.

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