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How Long Will My Stove Last?

Heating your home throughout the winter months can be a difficult task – if you don’t have the proper heating systems! A new fireplace or stove will make this process significantly easier, but there’s one question that it’s understandable to ask – how long will my new stove last? It’s important to plan for all parts of the heating process, including how long you’ll expect to have your unit. The answer is different depending on the circumstances, but there are a few factors you can look out for to make it more concrete. We’ll give you a guide on determining your stove’s longevity below!

Understand The Average Lifespan

A good indicator of when to replace your stove is if it’s coming up on its average lifespan. Some stoves can last longer than others, but having an idea of the average will give you the ability to plan ahead. Generally, most stoves will last anywhere from 10-20 years before their functionality declines. Part of this depends on what fuel source you’re using to heat it (gas, wood pellets, electricity, etc.), but 10-20 years is around the average for all of them. You should have a good idea of when you bought your stove, so use that age as a benchmark!

Examine Your Energy Bills

One of the biggest proponents of increased energy bill costs is the inefficiency of your heating and cooling systems. If they require more energy to be less effective in the outcome, they’ll cost you a lot more money than if you just installed a new stove! In order to determine if your stove is contributing to this problem, take a look at your heating bills from the past few months. Compare them to those that you’ve seen in the past, being careful to factor in trends and fuel costs. Have these rates increased exorbitantly? It’s a good sign that it’s time to replace your stove!

Look For Imperfections

There are more signs of an aged or ineffective stove than just the financial side! There are imperfections that you need to watch out for as well. Some of the biggest signs of needing to replace your stove include:

  • The door is broken or cracked
  • The fuel burns for significantly less time than usual
  • The structure has warped or rusted
  • It produces significantly more smoke

Replacement Stove Installation with The Stove Shoppe

If your stove looks worse for wear, upgrade it with the latest options at The Stove Shoppe! We carry the most advanced stoves with energy-efficient fuel sources so you can heat your home effectively and affordably throughout the cold months. If you need a new stove, contact us today for the best selections available!

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