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Is Installing A Fireplace Insert Worth It?

Heating your home through a brutal winter can sometimes be a tough task, so you’ll need to ensure that whatever heating solution you have has been optimized to its fullest potential! If you have an existing fireplace or stove within your home, there are things that you can do to upgrade its performance. A popular and effective route that you can take to accomplish this is to install a fireplace insert. However, as with any upgrade of this magnitude, you’ll need to know everything you can about it before you make the decision to purchase it. So, is installing an insert for your fireplace really a worthwhile investment? We’ll break down the answer for you below!

It Increases Your Fireplace’s Efficiency

Did you know that a fireplace insert can actually increase the effectiveness of your unit? The biggest reason behind this is that they decrease the amount of open space within your fireplace. More open space within your unit means that more heat that’s supposed to circulate around your room gets trapped within the fireplace. Since fireplace insert seals are airtight, the hot air is forced to exit the unit and populate your space, making it much easier for your unit to heat the room effectively. As a result of the increased efficiency, it will take much less energy to make your room comfortable, lowering your monthly energy bill costs in the process!

It Prevents Bad Gas From Infiltrating Your Room

Especially if you use a wood-burning fireplace, the importance of having an insert installed cannot be overstated. Older fireplace models have the potential to generate noxious gasses, such as carbon monoxide, which can infiltrate your room and cause serious harm to your physical health. Because a fireplace insert is designed to seal off air and contain these noxious gases, installing a new one will only help to increase the safety of your current unit. These units help to contain these harmful gases and prevent them from doing any damage.

Fireplace Inserts Reduce Your Environmental Impact

The switch to eco-friendly materials and practices has certainly ramped up in the last couple of years, and a new fireplace insert can help you stay up-to-date with the times and trends. Because of the fact that fireplace inserts can trap a lot of harmful air, it ensures that this air isn’t released into the outside world, either! If you’re looking to decrease your carbon footprint, a fireplace insert is a great way to accomplish this.

Fireplace Inserts With The Stove Shoppe

If you need a new fireplace, stove, or insert for an existing unit, The Stove Shoppe has the most advanced and effective options! Especially with weather conditions as volatile as New England’s, ensuring that your home stays at a comfortable temperature throughout the winter months is paramount. Secure the comfort and luxury of a new fireplace or stove when you contact The Stove Shoppe today!

How To Pick The Most Effective Fireplace For Your Home

If you were to ask a homeowner what the most important aspect of their heating solutions is, we’re willing to bet that they would all say the same thing – its efficiency! Having a heating system that warms your home optimally will save you tons of money on energy bill costs throughout the winter. Fireplaces and stoves are both fantastic options for this purpose, but picking the right one for your home is easier said than done. After all, every property is different! We show you how to narrow down your selection and pick the best fireplace for your needs below!

Narrow Down Your Fuel Source

Choosing the right fireplace for your home’s needs works similarly to a domino effect. Once you make one personal decision, the rest start to fall into place alongside it! Your fuel source is arguably the most important decision you can make for your fireplace or stove. This will depend on a few key factors, the most crucial of them being your budget. Different heating fuel sources offer different price points, so you need to narrow your choices down to what you can afford. Reliability is another key factor – how easy is your fuel source going to be to obtain? Maintenance is another key aspect for your fuel source. Once you’re able to juggle these and come up with the best solution, your choice will be much easier to make!

Consider The Style You Want

A new fireplace or stove is a great way to increase your home’s property value! The next thing to consider when narrowing down your fireplace selection is the style of fireplace you want. What room in your home should it go in? Do you want it to be built into the wall or be an external unit? How much effort do you want to put into creating the mantle around it? All of these questions are things you should answer when considering the style of fireplace you want. Once you have it installed, it’s difficult to make big changes to it. Make sure you ponder over this choice carefully!

Consider Its Purpose

The most important question you can ask yourself before buying a new fireplace is this: what’s the purpose of you buying it? Are you using it as a legitimate heating source or is it more for decoration and aesthetics? This will let you know whether to prioritize efficiency or design choices in your fireplace search.

Fireplace & Stove Installation With The Stove Shoppe

Heating your home through those brutal New England winters is easier than ever! The Stove Shoppe carries a wide variety of fireplaces and stoves that serve to meet any purpose for your purchase of them. Whether you want to increase your property value or comfort level throughout the winter, there’s only one contractor qualified for the job; contact The Stove Shoppe today to learn more about our options!

The Buyer’s Guide To Fireplace Inserts

Fireplaces are among the most wanted amenities of homeowners. They bring comfort, warmth, and look absolutely stunning inside of your home. Almost every family can picture themselves snuggled up in front of their fireplace on a snowy, winter evening. The only problem is, traditional fireplaces are a lot to maintain and can be pretty inefficient. Luckily, there is an energy-efficient, easily maintained option to replace your traditional fireplace; fireplace inserts!

Follow along as the professional fireplace design and installation team at The Stove Shoppe go into detail about the fireplace insert options available for homeowners!

The Benefits

Traditional fireplaces are inefficient in heating rooms; as much as 80% of the heat produced escapes through the flute. Fireplace inserts are placed in your existing fireplace to increase heat efficiency. Fireplace inserts offer drastically better heating efficiency; they are designed to reduce fuel used while maximizing the heat that radiates the room. They allow homeowners to continue enjoying the warmth and look of their fireplaces while actually retaining the heat inside. 

Types of Inserts

Fireplace inserts are categorized by the type of fuel they burn; wood burning, pellet, natural gas, propane gas, or electric. 

Gas Inserts

If your fireplace insert goals are heat and efficiency, gas is the way to go. It offers absolutely no mess or ash to clean up; it is better for the environment, does not disturb the air quality of your home, and does not require extra purchases like wood or pellets. They do require a new or existing gas line, and your gas bill will increase. 

Wood Inserts

Wood inserts do not offer as much heat efficiency as gas or electric, but for those with easy access to firewood, it can pay for itself. It provides a source of warmth and a look that you cannot replicate with anything other than burning wood if you are into aesthetics. 

Electric Inserts

If your insert goal is to heat a larger space, electric fireplace inserts do the trick. They can heat up to 400 square feet of living space! Many electric inserts cost less than other fuel sources, but you will need to add an electrical outlet near or within your existing fireplace. 

Pellet Stove Inserts

Pellet stoves are a highly efficient use of fuel and produce good heat. The pellets are fed to the fire by an automated auger that pulls pellets out of a hopper above. They do require electricity to run, but most come with a backup battery in case of a power outage. There is very little ash produced while burning, and they are remote-operated! Good pellets can be expensive and hard to find, and you go through them quickly. 

Contact The Stove Shoppe

The Stove Shoppe has a team of fireplace insert design and installation experts. If you hope to get more heat efficiency out of your traditional fireplace, inserts are an incredible investment. For more information or to check out our extensive selection of fireplace inserts available, be sure to give us a call today or fill out our online contact form!

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