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Signs of Needing To Replace Your Stove

Household appliances like stoves make everyday life so much easier! The only problem with these appliances is that they don’t last forever. Eventually, you’ll have to trade in your older model for a newer one. Especially in the case of stoves, failure to do so before it’s too late can have a significant negative impact on your monthly energy bill costs! The best way to prevent yourself from spending more money than you have to is to be able to identify the signs of needing to replace them. We’ll go over some of the most telling signs below!

The Stove Doesn’t Turn On

One of the most obvious signs of needing to replace a stove is the fact that it doesn’t turn on. Even after multiple attempts with completely filled-up fuel sources, your old stove still won’t turn on! It shows no use to you if it doesn’t work as intended. You shouldn’t try to keep turning the stove on – after a few times, there won’t be much that you can do to save it. If you’re dealing with a situation like this, you should replace your stove sooner rather than later to avoid getting chilly throughout the winter.

The Smell of Rotten Eggs

This example applies to those users who have chosen natural gas fireplaces or stoves. These fuel sources should never smell foul! If they are, it’s a good sign that your stove pipe or something within the structure has been compromised. It should go without saying, but if you notice the smell of rotten eggs coming from your gas stove, don’t continue to use it! Instead, go look for the next best option. You can try hiring a repairman to inspect the source of the damage, but the likely end result is going to be a full replacement.

Corrosion or Rust

Regardless of what fuel source you use for your stove heating needs, the fact remains that burning it produces byproducts that create wear and tear on your system over time. The ultimate sign of needing to replace your stove is seeing corrosion or rust anywhere throughout the structure. Not only is this a telling sign of how old it is, but it showcases how much your system has been beaten up! This can cause your energy bills to skyrocket, so address this quickly!

Stove Replacement & Installation With The Stove Shoppe

If you need a replacement stove for your MA or NH home, you should only be looking for the best possible options. The Stove Shoppe has a wide variety of indoor and outdoor fireplaces and stoves to help keep your home comfortable throughout those frigid New England winters. If your stove shows any of the signs of failure, don’t leave it to chance. Contact us today to get it replaced!

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