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2021 Fireplace Trends

Any style of fireplace brings warmth, comfort, and joy to any home. No matter what style or aesthetic you choose, you are guaranteed to love having a fireplace in your home. As 2021 comes to an end, we want to reflect on the trends we saw the most this year! Though the point is to warm a space, fireplaces are a stylish interior element that can match your home’s aesthetic. Follow along as we discuss the most popular fireplace trends we saw in 2021.


We saw a massive rise in popularity in linear fireplaces this year. They are absolutely gorgeous on their own and typically surrounded by beautiful stone, tile, or marble. They give a very modern vibe to your fireplace as they are incredibly clean-looking with sharp lines and edges. Linear fireplaces can drastically change the look and feel of your space! 


Double-sided fireplaces were in high demand this year, and it is understandable why! They are a statement piece in any home. They allow you to enjoy the beautiful fire from the comfort of two different rooms, perfect for parties and family gatherings. You could even install these to be indoor/outdoor! Picture the kids enjoying smores outside while you watch from the other side of the fire inside your home; it is picturesque! 

Corner Fireplaces

Corner fireplaces have seen a rise in popularity, and it is because they are perfect for any size space. They give off a clean, modern look while being the best at utilizing the amount of room you have, as they do not sacrifice open space. Being placed in the corner makes them feel and look very luxurious and is a perfect statement for your living space. 

Extra Large Fireplaces

Dramatic, extra-large fireplaces have come back into style this year. These fireplaces are complete with beautiful, visible chimneys and large viewing areas. They are typically paired with gorgeous stone along the sides and up the chimney for a beautiful rustic look. These fireplaces work best in larger homes with higher ceilings as they take up a significant amount of space. 

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