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How to Clean Your Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are an incredible substitute for wood burning as they are practically maintenance-free. No ventilation or gas lines are needed, making maintenance extremely easy. Though they are extremely low maintenance, it is essential to take good care of them from time to time so they will last you a solid amount of time; maybe forever! We recommend that you clean your electric fireplace thoroughly at least once a year, and we are going to go over just how easy that cleaning will be! 

Follow these steps:

1. Unplug

Before performing any maintenance on your electric fireplace, ensure the heater is off and disconnected from the power supply. Allow your fireplace to sit for a while and completely cool off before going to clean it. 

2. Inspect

Before officially cleaning, perform a short inspection of your fireplace to check for frayed wires, dead bulbs, or faulty plugs. If you notice something wrong, make sure to bring it to a professional for repair! Your once-a-year cleaning is the perfect time to make sure your fireplace is in its best condition. 

3. Clean the Heater

Using a clean, dry cloth, wipe down the heater surface and surrounding areas. You can use the soft bristle brush attachment on your vacuum to clean further into the heater outlets to remove as much dust and debris as possible. 

4. Clean Glass

For this step, you will want to refer to your specific fireplace manual in order to remove the front glass panel. You will want to take this off completely to clean it well. Once removed, you can go in with another clean, dry cloth to eliminate any dust on the surface. Make sure not to use intense cleaning products on the glass as it does scratch easily. If a dry cloth is not doing the trick, try adding a bit of water. If you are to use water, make sure to use a dry cloth right after to prevent water stains. 

5. Clean Interior

Once the outside of your fireplace is clean, it is time to work on the inside. All it needs is a quality dusting. Make sure to dust around all sides of the fireplace and the imitation wood or glass that is inside. Once this is done, refer to your fireplace manual to get the glass door back on, and you are good to go until your next yearly clean!

Really, the word “clean” can be replaced with the word “dust” when talking about electric fireplace maintenance. It is so simple! 

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