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The Importance of Annual Pellet Stove Cleaning

Annual pellet stove cleaning and maintenance is important for ensuring optimal heating throughout the cold winter months, as well as the safe operation of your stove, which can lead to an extended lifespan of your unit. While the cleaning frequency of your pellet stove depends on how often you’re utilizing your unit and these quick, easy cleanings can be done by the homeowner, but planning for a thorough, professional cleaning after every ton of pellets is burned.

Scheduling an annual pellet stove cleaning appointment prior to the heating system beginning will help tackle any issues your pellet stove might be having and ensure a great start to the heating season. This makes summer and early fall the perfect time to accomplish this task!

Benefits of Keeping Your Pellet Stove Clean

There are several benefits of annual maintenance of your pellet stove.

– Maximizes the lifespan of your pellet stove

– Ensures your system runs as efficiently as possible

– Keeps your system running properly all winter long

– Helps reduce your heating bills

– Keeps your family during the cold winter months

Here’s what you can expect when scheduling your annual pellet stove cleaning appointment with Stove Shoppe.

– Removal of pellets and vacuuming of the unit

– Inspection of the hopper, auger plate, pressure, and latch switches

– Cleaning and lubrication of combustion and convection blowers

– Cleaning and lubrication of auger motor

– Visual inspection of electrical wiring, heat switches, and sensors

– Cleaning of the entire unit

– Inspection of the door and exhaust seals

– Cleaning of the glass door

– Testing of electrical sensors and ignitor

– Start-up of the stove to make sure it’s working properly

If it’s been a while since your last professional pellet stove cleaning, now is the time to schedule yours. Contact our team at Stove Shoppe today to make your appointment at 800-892-0456.

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