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What are the Benefits of a Pellet Stove?

Wood pellet burning stoves have all of the advantages of high-tech wood stoves, but better! These stoves can be vented directly through the wall behind the stove. Modern pellet stoves are almost entirely automatic and only require two simple steps; fill the stove’s hopper with pellets, set the thermostat at the desired temperatures, and watch the stove operate! 

Without prior knowledge, you may not know that there are a plethora of benefits to having a pellet stove installed in your home. Follow along as the experts at The Stove Shoppe go over the benefits of a pellet stove!


Unlike wood chips or solid wood, pellets contain extremely low levels of ash and moisture. Because of this, virtually all of the material will burn and be converted into heat. Combustion takes place in a smaller chamber that is more controlled and given just the right amount of air for more complete combustion, resulting in more heat and fewer emissions. 


Compared to other fossil fuels or electric heating options, pellets prices can be much less expensive. Pellet prices also do not frequently fluctuate like the cost of other energy sources do. Pellet stoves are also often dramatically cheaper to install than a wood stove. There is no flue necessary like that of wood stoves. 

Environmentally Conscious

Wood pellets are a sustainable source, and burning them is carbon neutral; the carbon released during the pellet-burning process is equivalent to that absorbed by the tree during its growth; nothing lost, nothing gained. 


There is no chore of heaving wood, stoking the fire, and cleaning out the ash with pellet stoves. You simply fill the hopper with pellets and let it do the rest. There is no constant adding of more wood! These stoves are also incredibly convenient because you can adjust the temperature. With traditional fireplaces, the fire chooses the temperature for you. They are also one of the easiest heating sources to clean available. If maintenance is something you do not want to deal with, pellet stoves are for you. 

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