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Pellet Stove FAQ

There are many advantages to installing a pellet stove in your home. Follow along as the experts at The Stove Shoppe answer any questions you may have about pellet stoves! 

What is a Pellet Stove?

Wood pellet burning stoves have the advantages of high-tech wood stoves and more! Most stoves can be vented directly through the wall. They are almost entirely automatic; fill the stove’s hopper with pellets and set the thermostat at the desired temperatures! The stove will turn itself off and on and regulate its heat output to suit your heating needs. With a good quality, low ash pellet (less than 1% ash on a dry weight basis), you could operate for days or even weeks without having to remove the ash container. They can be installed near combustible material, requiring little, if any, heat shielding and minimal floor protection!

Are They Cost-Efficient?

Pellet stoves are incredibly cost-efficient. They are much less expensive than traditional fireplace installation because they do not require a chimney; they can be vented from the wall, which can save you thousands of dollars. Pellet stoves are also drastically more efficient at burning than traditional stoves!

How Long do Pellets Last?

Generally, a 40-pound bag of pellets and one bag of pellet fuel can provide up to 24 hours of constant heat. Depending, you should be able to get through winter on about 100-150 bags.

Are Pellet Stoves Eco-Friendly?

Because pellets stoves don’t produce smoke, they are a cleaner option for the environment. Many pellet stove models run regular diagnostic tests to monitor safety conditions. Pellet stoves are made using sawdust and other industrial waste which would otherwise be dumped into a landfill, which is a great way to reuse material! Pellets are also carbon-neutral!

Are They Hard to Maintain?

Pellet stoves offer thermostatic control, remote control operation, and automatic ignition. Pellet stoves are designed to be low maintenance, and due to the constant flame provided by a steady fuel source, the user doesn’t need to physically tend to the fire, which means more time to enjoy your cozy.

Contact The Stove Shoppe

For more information regarding pellet stoves and the installation process, make sure to contact the experts at The Stove Shoppe today! We have over 40 years of experience installing pellet stoves! Give us a call today at 800-892-0456 or fill out our online contact form for more information!

Pellet Stoves vs. Wood Stoves

Buying any major home appliance is never a decision you should take lightly. This is especially true if the appliance in question is a stove! After all, it’s one of the best ways to circulate heat throughout your home. With this consideration in mind, it’s important to be diligent about your research into the stoves you can install. You’ll need to know all the specs to make sure that what you get is the best possible fit! Two of the most popular types of stoves out there are pellet stoves and wood stoves. How does each stove benefit your home? We break it down for you below!

Wood Stoves

Wood stoves are among the most popular choices for heating your home for a reason; wood is an exceptional fire starter! Wood is also a renewable resource, meaning that you’ll never run out of fuel in a pinch. Wood stoves are a little bit cheaper than pellet stoves for installation as well. This is largely because wood stoves are a bit more flexible in design choices. Rather than just an external unit, wood stoves can be installed through free-standing models and inserts – sometimes even without doors! However, wood stoves have a big crutch to them, and it has to do with their maintenance. Wood stoves require much more maintenance than pellet stoves do. Wood may be a renewable resource, but it’s something you’ll have to renew quite often. Wood stoves will also need an inspection before the winter months to ensure everything is working properly.

Pellet Stoves

Pellet stoves are an eco-friendly and streamlined alternative to wood stoves, and this statement becomes even more true the more you learn about them. For starters, pellet stoves are fueled by a much more environmentally friendly alternative to firewood. Wood waste pellets can be recycled and are easily found at your local department store. They’re easier to refuel and maintain than wood stoves as well, as they aren’t as in need of a chimney sweep. Pellet flames are a little more subtle than their counterparts. However, they also don’t produce much noise, making them ideal for quieter home environments. The only true downside to a pellet stove is the fact that it’s a bit more expensive to purchase, but the rewards are far worth the cost. It also is more restricted to design styles, but most modern-day pellet stoves are indistinguishable from wood ones.

Stove Installation With The Stove Shoppe

Regardless of what type of stove you feel is best for your home, The Stove Shoppe can help you get the best of its benefits! We’ve connected homeowners with the perfect fireplaces for their homes for years, and we’re willing and able to use our unparalleled expertise to bring the same benefits to your home. For the best heating options available, click here to contact us directly!

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